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13 Exterior (Outside) House Painting Color Combinations in Dubai 


Have you ever thought about how the exterior paint color makes a difference in your home’s appearance, and can either enhance or diminish the property’s look from the outside? Well, yes. It does make a lot of difference. Choosing the best outside house painting color combinations is crucial to transforming your home’s exterior and making it look appealing and expensive. 

In Dubai, where architecture merges tradition with style and modernity, opting for the perfect house paint colors showcases both personal choice and environmental harmony. Choosing the perfect outside house painting color combinations isn’t just about style and aesthetics, it is also about understanding how different shades impact the appearance of the house when interacting with Dubai’s intense sun.

Before considering how to choose outside house painting colour combinations, it’s important to go through the house paint images to get inspiration and ideas. From deep and vibrant tones to cool and neutral shades, the right house paint colors exterior can make your home appear aesthetic and modern, and blend flawlessly with the surroundings. Whether you are into a simple house outside color combination or prefer a more complex color palette, finding the ideal shade and color combination can enhance your home’s overall appearance and vibe.

Now if you are looking for professional painting services in Dubai, then A-One stands out as the most trusted and professional company for all your painting needs. We do not only serve perfection in our services but also guide you and help you choose the perfect color combinations for painting outside of house, ensuring a flawless finish and aesthetics. Explore the 13 most attractive house paint colors and combinations that are making waves in Dubai. From bold shades to neutrals and timeless classics, this detailed guide will help you to find the best outside house painting color combinations for your home. Bring your dreamy exterior vision to life with us with the perfect color palette! 




13 Color Combinations for Painting Outside of the House: 




  • Black and White: 


Black and white is one of the most classic color combinations out of all the house paint colors. Black and white reflects a timeless, sophisticated, and elegant look. White walls with black trim offer a prominent contrast, focusing on every architectural detail and making your home look modern and appealing. 



  • Grey and White:

Grey and white is another most beautiful outside house painting color combinations, that enhances the appearance of your home 10 times more. Grey and white offer a sleek and stylish exterior look. Varying from lighter grey shades to darker ones, every shade of grey pairs beautifully with white color, giving a sober, calm, and refined exterior appearance that compliments various architectural styles.



  • Bright Orange: 

Bright orange is a trendy shade and in demand these days, that reflects an individual’s bright and vibrant personality. It adds a bold and energetic touch to the exterior of your house and makes your home shine especially when balanced with neutral shades



  • Neutral Exterior Paint Colors: 

When in doubt, choose neutrals. Who doesn’t love neutrals, right? When it comes to choosing the colors that go with everything, neutral shades never fail to amaze us. Whether it’s clothing, makeup, or furniture, neutral shades are so in these days, and they are a perfect choice to choose for your home’s exterior from a variety of house paint colors. Neutral shades like beige, taupe, and light grey blend flawlessly with the surroundings, offering a clean and sophisticated look. 



  • Sage Green: 

Sage green blended with a soft and neutral shade is a combination that people are significantly choosing these days for their outside house painting color combinations. Sage green gives a more refreshing and earthy vibe to your home. This muted green tone reflects calmness and goes well with wooden shades or white trims, giving your home a serene exterior and connection to nature.



  • Baby Blue: 

If you want your home to look cool and give off airy and calm vibes, then baby blue is the perfect shade for your exterior house paint colors. Baby blue is a soft and soothing shade perfect for coastal homes. This light color pairs well with white or grey shades, adding to the charming and peaceful look of your home.


  • Cream and White: 

Cream and white is a color combination ideal for people who want their home’s exterior to look simple, warm, and elegant. Soft cream color shades with white trim give a subtle contrast, bringing elegance to your home’s exterior for a timeless and classic appeal.



  • Monochrome: 

A monochrome palette uses multiple shades of a single color for a cohesive look. This approach proceeds towards the focus on architectural details and gives a modern, and elegant look to your home’s exterior that is also visually attractive.



  • Pastel Pink: 

Pastel shades are in trend nowadays, and pastel pink with a white or grey accent is a perfect choice for outside house painting color combinations. It gives a light, and charming touch to your home and makes your home stand out uniquely. 


  • Peach and White: 

Peach and white gives a warm and welcoming vibe to your home’s exterior. They both complement each other when used together, with peach shade giving a cozy and warm feel while white trim enhances the brightness and elegance. This color combination adds to the pleasant exterior look of your home.


  • Teal Green: 

Teal green is one of the bold and deep house paint colors for the exterior look. It adds energy and richness to your home and pairs well with neutral shades or white accents, giving a modern and warm appearance



  •  Warm Blue Grey Home Color Outside: 

Warm blue-grey is a color combination that reflects the serenity of blue with the warmth and depth of grey, giving a sophisticated and calming home exterior. It goes beautifully with white or dark tones to enhance your home’s features.



  • Brown Outside Home Color Combination: 

Brown tones radiate a rich and earthy vibe, giving your home a timeless, cozy, and grounded exterior look. Merging it with lighter and softer accents adds depth and provides a warm, and welcoming home exterior.

So these are the top 13 outside house painting colour combinations, possessing the trendy and timeless shades to make your home’s exterior look exactly like how you have dreamt of it. So, let A-One’s Painting Services in Dubai relive your home’s exterior dreams and bring them to life. Dream it, Live it, Love it! 



Frequently Asked Questions: 



Which color is best for a house outside?

Neutral colors like beige, gray, and white are best for exteriors as they provide a timeless and versatile look that goes with various architectural styles.


Which two color combinations are best for the outside house?


Classic combinations like white and navy blue or beige and brown offer a balanced and sophisticated appearance for the exterior of a house.


Which paint color is best for an outside wall?


Light colors such as off-white or light gray are brilliant choices for outside walls, reflecting heat and keeping the home cooler.


What color should I paint outside my house?

Consider the factors like your environment and neighborhood. Neutral tones like gray, beige, or white are safe, appealing choices that go with almost every home.


What are the best exterior colors for full sun?

Lighter shades like white, light gray, and beige are perfect for full sun exposure, as they reflect more sunlight and resist fading.

What exterior color makes a house look bigger?

Lighter colors, such as white or light gray, can make a house appear larger as the lighter shades reflect more light and create an airy feel.


What exterior colors make a house look expensive?

Deep, rich colors like charcoal gray, navy blue, or forest green merged with white trim can give a house a luxurious and expensive look.



Should exterior paint be lighter or darker?


Lighter exterior paint colors are preferred as they reflect sunlight, help keep the house cooler, and can make the property look larger and more appealing.


What is the trend in exterior color in 2024?


In 2024, earthy tones like sage green, terracotta, and soft taupe are more in trend, reflecting a focus on natural, and calming color schemes.


How do you choose exterior paint colors for your house?


Before choosing the outside house paint color combinations, consider your home’s architecture, surroundings, and personal preferences. Do a sample test on your exterior to check how they look at different times of the day.


How do you select exterior house paint colors?

Begin with choosing a base color, then select complementary trim and accent colors. Consider the architecture, your neighborhood’s style, and the natural landscape for harmonious results.

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