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Office Cleaning

Expat Commercial Services understands that each office is unique in terms of size, layout, and cleaning needs.

To efficiently meet these requirements without compromising quality, we employ various procedures, including risk assessments, method statements, ECS-specific processes, health and safety overviews, and SOPs. This approach prioritizes the well-being of your employees, our technicians, and your office contents. By implementing these processes for every service, ECS consistently delivers value, aligning with our mission of commitment, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Full-time & Part-time Cleaning Technicians

If your business requires full-time cleaning assistance, we can provide technicians to cover all necessary requirements on a medium- to long-term basis. If a part-time technician is more suitable, creating a schedule that works perfectly for your business is our priority. We can also provide washroom services upon request.

Hygiene Consultation

This service allows ECS to work with you on a strategic hygiene schedule to ensure that you are taking all necessary precautions to maintain the highest hygiene standards throughout your organization. We provide a range of educational tools and briefings to ensure your employees maximize and maintain the bespoke hygiene plan.

Preparation & Closure

This service is ideal if you have an important event, client seminar, or internal gathering. We will provide a dedicated team of experts to prepare the space hygienically before, during and after the event. Giving you peace of mind that your guests and employees will feel comfortable.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our popular upholstery cleaning service preserves your premises’ appearance effectively. ECS offers tangible benefits, potentially reducing the need for furniture replacement by up to 50% over time. With a well-executed cleaning regimen, you can extend your assets’ lifespan significantly, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.
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