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Disinfection Services

Expat Commercial Services maintains a dedicated Disinfection Department, actively sourcing the latest global best practices through our accreditations and affiliations.

As advocates of sanitation technology in the region, we offer our clients expert support to create a comprehensive long-term safety and hygiene strategy. This extends beyond the office, as we can also assist with remote locations and support team members working from home. Our proficiency and flexibility provide a range of solutions to keep your team safe and productive.

Disinfection Cleaning

This is a turnkey service amalgamating some or all of the services we provide. We assess your requirements and make a recommendation on which of the services we should use to accomplish the best commercial hygiene standards. We create a thorough method statement on the services we execute as part of the disinfection project. Whilst the disinfection services are often viewed as a “solution” to a problem we strongly recommend this service to be scheduled and viewed as a preventative measure.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning offers numerous hygiene benefits across the board. When combined with a well-executed hygiene plan steam cleaning becomes an invaluable service to ensure sustainability, elimination of viruses and bacteria and removal of stubborn stains. In most instances, the steam cleaning service can be performed without the use of chemicals providing your space with an alternative method of sanitisation.

Touchpoint Disinfection

Touchpoint disinfection offers a targeted solution to effectively manage high footfall and touch point areas across your premises. Actively preventing the build-up of bacteria and dirt in these areas helps prevent cross-contamination. We can quickly and effectively target these high touchpoint areas to prepare or restore the correct hygiene levels.


This method is an excellent opportunity to disinfect the harder-to-reach areas in a safe and effective manner. The advancement in chemicals and new technology used means that fogging is now a staple service in the hygiene planning and prevention process for all commercial entities. A fast and effective process allows ECS to cover larger areas in a shorter time frame, in addition to this it means if you have high turnover in your premises there is rarely any downtime when utilising this service.

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