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9+ Color Combinations for Walls of Living Room (2024)



Living rooms are supposed to be cozy and comfortable because this is where we have most of our memorable moments. Whether it’s having deep long conversations with family, late-night movie plans with friends, or peacefully reading a book in the evening, living rooms are the center of our home that we can’t neglect.
But, it is also important that where we spend most of our time, that space should give the vibes of our personal choice and style. Designing that space begins with this question: What color is good for living room?  Selecting the perfect color combination for walls of living room can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and complete understanding of the color schemes, it can be a lot easier. 

So explore with us 9+ color combinations for living room and choose the perfect ones depending on your personal choice and style. These color combinations and color schemes will enhance the appealing look of your living room and make it look comfortable and stylish. 


Best Wall Color Combinations for Living Room




1. Monochromatic Combination:

Monochromatic Combination


  • Shades of Blue: 


Selecting shades of blue like light blue, sky blue, and navy blue for the living room walls is perfect for those who prefer a calm and serene environment. The room color combination gives off the tranquil and cool vibes.



  • Shades of Gray: 


Shades of gray like charcoal gray, light gray, and slate gray look are the best colors for room walls because they provide an elegant and sophisticated look.


  • Shades of Beige: 


Shades of beige like cream beige and taupe beige are perfect color combinations for the walls of living room. They add warmth and coziness to the space, making your living room look welcoming. 




2. Analogous Combinations: 


Analogous Combinations


  • Blue, Blue-Green, Green: 


The analogous combinations like navy blue, teal, and forest green create a harmonious and cool look, giving nature and relaxed vibes.


  • Red, Red-Orange, Orange: 


This analogous color scheme involves crimson red, burnt orange, and tangerine, ideal for energetic and bold living spaces.


  • Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green: 


This is another analogous combination that involves the color shades lemon yellow, lime green, and grass green, and go well together to create a bright, happy, and lively living room, giving the sunshine vibes. 



3. Complementary Combinations: 


Complementary Combinations



  • Orange and Blue: 


The complimentary combination of royal blue and bright orange are ideal color shades for people who like bold and dynamic color schemes.


  • Red and Green: 


Cherry red and emerald green are the best colors for living room walls to add dramatic flair. This color combination for the walls of living room makes a festive and striking contrast.


4. Triadic Combination: 


Triadic Combination



  • Yellow, Red, Blue: 


The triadic combination of sun yellow, cherry red, and royal blue looks vibrant and balanced, perfect to create lively spaces. 


  • Purple, Green, Orange: 


Another triadic combination of violet purple, emerald green, and tangerine orange is a great choice for a vibrant and playful living room color scheme. This color combination gives an energetic feel.  



5. Split-Complementary Combinations:


Split-Complementary Combinations


  • Blue, Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange: 


This split-complementary combination of light blue, amber yellow-orange, and burnt red-orange is ideal for people looking for vibrant


  • Green, Red-Purple, Red-Orange: 


The combination of mint green, magenta red-purple, and rust red-orange creates a bold and harmonious living room, ideal for a colorful space.



6. Tetradic Combinations: 


Tetradic Combinations


  • Blue, Orange, Red, Green: 

This color scheme of vibrant colors like azure blue, pumpkin orange, scarlet red, and forest green offers a bold, rich, and lively color combination for the walls of living room.


  • Purple, Yellow, Blue-Green, Red-Orange: 

A tetradic color combination of Lilac purple, lemon yellow, teal blue-green, and coral red-orange offer uniqueness and a varied look for living room walls, enhancing boldness and vibrancy, 

7. Neutral Shades with Accents:

Neutral Shades with Accents



  • Gray with Yellow: 


Neutral shades are timeless and evergreen and go well with bold accents. Light gray and sunshine yellow is a combination that looks modern and elegant and is a great option for living room walls.


  • Cream with Olive Green: 


Another neutral shade with accents involves a soft cream color with deep olive green. This color combo makes the living room space feel warm and cozy, with a natural feel.

  • Ivory with Sapphire Blue: 


Ivory color paired with sapphire blue is another combination perfect for a modern and sophisticated space, enhancing the elegance of your living room.


8. Cool Color Combinations:

Cool Color Combinations



  • Aqua and Lime Green: 


Aqua and lime green is a cool color combination that makes your space fresh and energetic and is a great choice for living room walls.


  • Teal and Emerald Green: 


Another cool color combination is deep teal color and emerald green, which looks rich and deep. It makes your living room look serene and calming.


  • Lavender and Charcoal Gray: 


Soft lavender and charcoal gray is a color combination that looks sophisticated and soothing. It is an ideal combination for the modern and elegant living room space.


9. Bold And Vibrant Combinations:

Bold And Vibrant Combinations



  • Black, White, and Crimson Red: 


The vibrant combination of jet black, bright white, and crimson red makes your living room appear bold, and offers a striking contrast.


  • Deep Navy and Peach Coral: 


Deep navy and peach coral look perfect together, and is a combination ideal for a contemporary living room. It adds a touch of style and vibrancy to your living room.


  1. Pastel Combinations:

Pastel Combination

  • Mint Green and Baby Pink: 


Pastel combinations are a perfect choice for light and peaceful vibes. This pastel combination of mint green and baby pink looks sweet and soft, making your living room feel refreshing and airy. 


  • Lilac and Ice Blue: 


If you are looking for a peaceful pastel shade, then this color combination is perfect for you. Lilac and ice blue provide a serene and cool vibe and look peaceful and ethereal on living room walls.



  1. Earthy Tones:


     Earthy Tones

  • Brown and Sage Green: 


Deep brown and sage green is a color combination that feels natural and warm, perfect for creating a grounded and cozy living room space.


  • Terracotta and Beach Sand: 


Terracotta and beach sand are another earthy combination to create a warm and inviting living room, the best option to get that natural vibe. 


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Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Color Combination for Living Room Walls: 

Many factors play a significant part in enhancing your space’s appeal and beauty and considering them can help you choose a perfect shade according to your style, decor, and space’s purpose. So, before choosing the color combinations for walls of the living room, make sure to look for these factors and then make an informed decision.



  • Room Size: 


Before choosing the living room color combinations, consider the room size and space. Select lighter shades if the living room is small and darker hues for the large living room spaces. The lighter shades will make the small room appear larger, while the dark shades make the large spaces cozy and warm. So the living room size impacts the best wall color combination for a living room.



  • Natural Lighting: 


The second factor is determining the access to natural light in the room for the best color for living room walls. Natural lighting affects the color appearance in your living room. For the bright living rooms, you can select darker hues but for the dimly lit spaces, go for the lighter shades for the color enhancement.



  • Personal Preference: 


This is the most significant one because your style and preference play a crucial role in choosing the room wall color combination of your taste. Whether you like bold and vibrant shades or are more into cool and lighter shades, select the color combinations that reflect your style and personality.



  • Furniture or Interior Decor: 


Consider the existing furniture or interior decor of your living room before selecting the right color combinations for walls of living room. This is key in how to choose a wall color for a living room because complementary shades add to the overall living room aesthetics and help create a cohesive look.




Frequently Asked Questions: 




What is the best color combination for a living room?

The best color combination for walls of a living room often includes neutral tones like beige and white, paired with bold accents like navy or emerald. This color combination ensures a balanced and inviting space.


Which is the best color for a wall living room?

Neutral shades like beige and gray paired with white trims are the best color combinations for walls of living room. These colors provide a backdrop that complements various decor styles and furniture.


Which two-colour combination is best for a living room?


A two-color combination that goes perfectly well for the living room walls is soft gray and white. This combination creates an elegant and sophisticated look, making the living room feel spacious and timeless.


Which color combination is best for a wall?

If you want a stylish and modern look for your living room walls, the best color combination includes pairing soft pastels with deeper hues, like blush pink with charcoal gray. This combination adds depth and warmth to any room and creates an inviting space.



What two wall colors go together?

Two wall colors that go well together are navy blue and white. This color combination for walls of a living room provides a classic and refreshing space, ideal for contemporary and traditional styles.


What color wall paint goes with everything?

Light gray color wall paint looks perfect with every color, providing a versatile and neutral backdrop. It complements several color combinations for walls of a living room, from bright accents to darker shades.


How do I choose a paint color combination?

To choose a perfect paint color combination for living room walls, start with selecting a neutral base and add complementary or contrasting accents to add a hint of colors. Consider factors like the room’s natural light and existing furniture to ensure elegance.


What is the most popular color for interior walls?

The most popular color for interior walls is a soft gray. This shade goes well with a variety of different color combinations for walls of a living room, creating a modern and elegant space.


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