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air conditioner modes symbols

Understanding Air Conditioner Modes and Symbols

Do you also become clueless looking at your air conditioner’s remote and struggle to operate it appropriately? 


If yes, then you’re not alone. The latest technology has made it quite difficult for people to understand air conditioner mode symbols and settings, and use them as they are tricky to operate. 


We often spend a lot of time searching for the best model with enhanced energy efficiency and better air quality, but what remains neglected is learning how to operate it and understanding the air conditioner modes and symbols on the remote for maximum efficiency. And when it comes to choosing the right setting for the situation, we end up making mistakes that could affect the air conditioner’s performance.

Here’s the detailed guide about the air conditioner mode symbols, and what function each symbol does to ensure efficiency. So, don’t rush and scroll down to learn more about the air conditioner modes explained in depth.


Air Conditioner Modes Explained (with symbols): 


Understanding air conditioner symbols and modes is important to gain the most out of your air conditioner’s efficiency and comfort. At first, you might feel a bit confused but once you’ve learned the meanings and functions of air conditioner modes symbols, managing your air conditioner becomes a piece of cake. 

Here are all the air conditioner modes explained and the meaning of air conditioning symbols explained in detail, with their symbols to ensure you a better understanding and a cool, and comfortable home all summer long. 


  • Cool Mode Symbols in AC Remote(❄️):

The cool mode represented by a ‘snowflake’ symbol in your remote, is used for cooling the room/space to your desired temperature. This air conditioner mode symbol is perfect for hot days or extreme summer weather as it provides a cool and comfortable indoor environment by circulating the air and lowering the room temperature. 


  • Heat Mode Symbol in AC Remote (☀️):

Heat mode, represented by the ‘sun’, is used to warm up the room temperature by producing heat and bringing the outdoor warm air indoors to raise the room temperature. This mode is ideal for cold weather as it ensures a cozy and warm indoor space in winter.


  • Fan Mode in Air ConditionerSymbol (🔄): 

Fan mode is represented by a ‘fan’ symbol, and it is used to improve the ventilation of the room by providing a gentle breeze of air. It is best for maintaining the airflow without cooling or heating the room.


  • Dry Mode Symbol in Air Conditioner Remote (💧): 

Dry Mode is represented by a ‘water droplet’ and it is used to remove the extra moisture from the air and lower the humidity level without changing the room temperature. It makes the indoor space more comfortable, especially in humid climates.


  • Auto Mode Symbol in AC Remote (🔄 or A): 

Auto Mode adjusts settings to maintain a steady temperature and relies on the room’s condition, improving energy use for comfort in any condition.


  • Sleep Mode Symbol in AC Remote (🌙 or Zzz): 

The sleep mode, represented by a ‘moon’ symbol, is used to adjust the temperature ( lower or raise) and fan speed to maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature all night long. It ensures noise reduction and energy efficiency. 


  • Turbo Mode Symbol in AC Remote (🚀 or 🌀):

The Turbo mode is represented by a ‘rocket or speed’ symbol and is used to speed up cooling or heating by running the air conditioner at full capacity. It is ideal when you want swift comfort adjustments. 


  • Energy Saver Mode Symbol in AC Remote (🍃 or E): 

Energy Saver mode in an AC remote is represented by a ‘leaf’ or ‘E’ symbol. When it is operated, the AC automatically turns off when the required temperature is reached, and turns on when the temperature begins to change. It saves energy by cutting it and maintaining comfort by cycling the AC’s operations.


  • Eco Mode Symbol in AC Remote (🍃 or Eco):

Eco mode is also represented by a ‘leaf’ or ‘2 leaves’ symbol in an AC remote. It is turned on to save energy by running the AC at reduced power, providing you comfort while lowering the electricity use.


  • Vertical Swing Mode Symbol (⬆️⬇️):

Vertical Swing mode is represented by vertical arrows and is used to spread air evenly by moving the air vents vertically, avoiding hot or cold spots, and providing continuous comfort.


  • Horizontal Swing Mode Symbol (⬅️➡️):

Horizontal Swing mode is represented by ‘horizontal arrows’. It functions the same as vertical swing mode, but just moves the air vents horizontally to evenly cool or heat the room.


  • Power Mode Symbol (🔋):

The Power mode is represented by a ‘battery’ symbol and is turned on to boost AC performance for instant temperature changes. This mode is ideally used for extreme conditions.


  • Quiet Mode Symbol (🔇 or 🤫):

The Quiet mode is represented by a ‘person signing silence’. This mode in an AC remote is used to reduce the noise by lowering the AC fan speed. This is preferred for quieter environments like bedrooms and offices, for a more peaceful environment without disturbance.


  • Timer Mode Symbol (⏲️):

The Timer mode is represented by a ‘clock’. It is used to set the AC timer according to your schedule. A person can set a time when he exactly wants the AC to be turned off, and after setting the timer mode, the AC will automatically get turned off. This ensures energy efficiency and comfort according to your schedule.


  • Defrost Mode Symbol (❄️🔥):

The Defrost mode can be represented by a ‘snowflake or fire’ symbol and used to avoid frost on coils by shortly transferring to cooling, assuring efficient heating, and a long-lasting AC life.


  • Child Lock Mode Symbol (🔒):

Child Locke Mode is represented by a ‘padlock’ symbol. This symbol is helpful for parents as it locks the settings to prevent children from changing them. This mode ensures relaxation and comfort to parents.


  • Humidity Control Mode Symbol (💦):

Humidity Control Mode is represented by the ‘water droplets’ symbol. This mode is ideal for humid areas and is turned on to maintain indoor humidity without changing the room temperature, making the environment comfortable.


  • Filter Reset Symbol (🔄🔧):

The Filter Reset symbol is represented by a ‘recycle’ symbol, It is the signaling of the Air conditioner when the filters need replacement or cleaning. This ensures the efficiency and longevity of the unit and improves air quality.


  • UV Sterilization Mode Symbol (🦠🔆):

UV Sterilization mode is represented by a ‘bacteria’ symbol. This mode utilizes UV light rays to remove bacteria and viruses from the air and purify it. This mode is perfect for people who have allergy issues and improves the overall indoor air quality.


  • Away Mode Symbol (🏡⬅️): 

The Away mode is represented by a ‘house and an arrow’ symbol and it is used to keep the temperature consistent while you’re away from home or on vacation, saving energy consumption and providing comfort upon your return.


  • Vent Mode (🔄 or 🌬️):

The Vent mode in an AC remote is represented by a ‘windmill’ symbol and it is used to draw in fresh air from outdoors to indoors without cooling or heating. It is ideal for removing stuffiness from the room, enhancing ventilation, and improving the overall air quality.


For detailed guide: What is Vent Mode in Air Conditioner?


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do the symbols mean on my air conditioner?



Air conditioner mode symbols help understand the settings like cool, heat, fan, and dry. Understanding these symbols is important for maximum efficiency.

Which mode is best for cooling in AC?

The cool mode in the air conditioner is best for cooling the room. You can easily find the cool mode in the air conditioner mode symbols. Having air conditioner modes explained in detail assures you select the right setting.


How do I set my AC to cool mode?

To set the cool mode in your AC, identify the ‘snowflake symbol’ on the remote. Understanding air conditioner mode symbols helps you navigate settings and maximize efficiency. 


What is the best mode setting for an air conditioner?

The best mode setting for an air conditioner depends on your requirements. Use the cool mode for cooling and the hot mode for heating. Air conditioner mode symbols guide you, and having air conditioner modes explained ensures optimal settings for maximum efficiency and comfort.

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